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Srvice Support

Free entry training

In order to ensure the safe use of your products, our company will appoint professional technical engineers to the site for free equipment commissioning and provide detailed training to operators. The training content includes: safety training, maintenance training, equipment structure training and operating instructions training. After the training, ensure that the operators can operate the equipment proficiently.

Regular routine service inspections

In order to extend the service life of the equipment purchased by your company, ensure that the equipment can operate safely. Our company will appoint qualified technical engineers to conduct routine inspections of this equipment on a regular basis (within one year from the date of purchase) and issue corresponding equipment maintenance reports.

Detailed service report

Whether it is general regular service inspections or annual maintenance or repairs, our technicians will definitely provide corresponding detailed service reports for your company and our company to reference and save, so that you can grasp the operating status of your aerial work vehicles at any time.

24-hour dedicated telephone service

At any time, if there is an emergency and need emergency treatment, you can immediately contact our technical service personnel and come to the scene within 24 hours to reduce the loss caused by your company's failure.
Service line:0519-88108580

Sufficient parts inventory

In order to reduce the cost of parts inventory for customers and provide better service, our company has sufficient spare parts for aerial work trucks as inventory. Therefore, our company can quickly provide the parts required by your company for repair or maintenance.

Professional technical training

In order to ensure that your technicians can correctly grasp the operation and maintenance procedures of our products, our company can provide corresponding professional technical training according to needs.

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