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X-LAMING provides you with worry-free services throughout the life cycle from pre-sales, during-sales to after-sales, integrates value-added services into every link, and builds an excellent service brand wholeheartedly.
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Service Introduction

Service Introduction

Pre-sale Service

400 Customer Service Center

This is the information hub through which we communicate with you.

In order to convey service information accurately and efficiently, it is divided into an information communication center, a customer satisfaction improvement center, a customer behavior analysis center, and a product marketing promotion center. Here, we will provide you with one-stop professional services such as service network introduction, product price consultation, technical support, product complaints, service complaints, repairs and spare parts consultation and sales.

User Experience Day

Through the introduction of new products and the actual operation experience of customers, we will conduct in-depth communication with you in a full range and provide you with in-depth understanding of the new Lanling and construction solutions.

In-depth customized construction solutions

We have software and hardware resources and accumulated years of construction experience. At the same time, we also sincerely invite you to act as a consultant for enterprise product design, manufacturing, and service specification formulation. In order to provide efficient and in-depth customized construction solutions, we work hand in hand.

In-sale Service



Advisory Sales

There is always a need for differentiated construction. We will do our best to assist you in the optimization and selection of equipment and help you achieve the optimization of the value of the purchased equipment.


Butler Transport

In order to meet your needs, we will provide professional transportation and door-to-door services, and provide first installation and delivery training services for each product.

After-sales Service

one year warranty

All products ordered by our company enjoy a one-year warranty under normal operation; the company is equipped with a strong after-sales service system to ensure timely maintenance and spare parts services.

Technical Support

When the equipment arrives at the user's site, we will send professional engineers to train the user's engineering and technical personnel and operators on equipment installation, commissioning, operation, safety, and maintenance until the user is satisfied.

Worry-free service

We will guide users to regularly maintain and maintain the equipment. During the warranty period, if there are problems such as damage to parts caused by the design and manufacturing quality, the company will immediately give free replacement after receiving the customer's notice; if there is an electromechanical failure, it will be made within 1 hour after receiving the notice In response, arrive at the customer site within 24 hours or send a service engineer to the site for worry-free service within a time acceptable to the user.

Guarantee operation mechanism

When the customer is unable to work due to product quality, our company will quickly provide alternative products to work for the customer. The original product will be exchanged back to the repair shop to repair it if it is diagnosed, or if it cannot be repaired, it will be replaced to ensure the interests of the customer. The new Lanling products owned by customers will be inspected regularly every year to ensure that customers' products maintain good operating conditions.

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Product consultation
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